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What is Credly?

Credly helps the world recognize lifelong achievement by offering the leading platforms for verifying, sharing and managing digital badges and credentials.

Groups like the New York City Department of Education, Adobe, SUNY, University of Central Florida, Dallas Museum of Art, EDUCAUSE, Instructure, Training Magazine, Yale University, the YMCA of Greater New York, Smithsonian, NMC and ISTE, all use Credly to make achievements visible.

Giving and Earning Credit Where it Is Due

Credly extends credit-earning and issuing out of its traditional realms into any setting where skills, knowledge, or contributions can and should be certified. Credly is upending how and by whom credit is issued.

Use Credly to showcase, curate and manage all of the credit you receive. Invite people to Credly to see your growing set of credentials, or share your achievements out to places it matters most to you, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or your own blog or website.

Credly’s Verified Issuer status gives people checking out your credentials the confidence to trust the source and authenticity of your achievements. Testimonials and evidence emphasize the meaning behind digital badges that represent your accomplishments.

From online communities to face-to-face conferences, from museums to associations, from professional certifications and licenses to school programs, Credly helps surface and showcase skills and contributions that might otherwise go unrecognized.

Credly: Online, On the Go and Behind the Scenes

Credly is a powerful web service and a universal framework for issuing, earning, displaying and rewarding achievement in the form of digital credentials and badges. The Credly system includes:

  • a web application to store, display, manage and share lifelong credentials, and to create and issue credit to others.
  • Mobile app: A free, powerful and social mobile app for earning, issuing, displaying, and sharing credit while out in the world, on location in geolocation-sensitive contexts. Get Credly on the iTunes App Store.
  • “Open Credit” API: Seamlessly integrate lifelong credit, credentials and digital badges into existing sites, applications, functions, workflows and online communities. The Credly Open Credit API builds on current industry standards for digital badging, and enables organizations to benefit from unique Credly features without needing to build, maintain or manage complex micro-credentialing functions independently. With a growing set of over a hundred documented API endpoints and functions, no other system provides the power and flexibility to bake credit-giving into any aspect of any site or application.