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Skills Promoter | #MySkillsStory

Skills Promoter | #MySkillsStory

This person is a City & Guilds Group ’Skills Promoter’. They have helped to promote the real value of skills by demonstrating the positive impact learning a new skill has had on their life.


#MySkillsStory celebrates the skills people have learned, big and small, and the impact that they have had on their lives. We want to shine a spotlight on how learning something new can change lives, shape careers and build confidence.

The City & Guilds Group is a leader in global skills development. We work with education providers, employers and governments in over 100 countries across the world to help people, businesses and economies grow by shaping skills systems and supporting skills development.

The Group is made up of City & GuildsILMKineoThe Oxford GroupDigitalme, and Gen2. Together, we set the standard for professional and technical education and corporate learning and development around the world.


  • The person has learned a skill that has benefited them in some way
  • The person has shared their skills story on social media using the hashtag #MySkillsStory

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