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What is Credly?

Credly is a universal way to recognize, store and share life’s achievements.

Why give credit?

What if all achievement could be recognized? What if "credit" wasn't just something on a school transcript -- but something we could continue to earn for life?

People deserve credit for things they accomplish throughout their lives. Some achievements are marked with public ceremonies and framed certificates, and many other worthy accomplishments go unrecognized throughout our lives.

By empowering anyone to give credit for worthy accomplishments, we aim to improve people’s lives. Lifelong credentials open up new job opportunities, expose new learning pathways, and help connect people with communities where they can have an impact and where their skills and experience are valued and needed.

What is credit?

Credit is recognition for any form of achievement.

Every credit given or received on Credly documents an accomplishment, such as a skill, milestone or role. It includes evidence and criteria, and it tells a story about who gave the credit, and what they value. In fact, credit can tell us as much about the recipient as it can about the person or organization that issued it.

Who can give credit?

Any individual or organization (whether it be a museum, association, training department, manager, volunteer group, teacher, or conference organizer) can give credit to acknowledge accomplishment. We call those who give credit “Issuers”. Anyone can be an Issuer.

Who can earn credit?

Anyone can earn credit for their accomplishments. Each person uses Credly to manage their own credit, where they can decide where and how to display achievements across a range of settings—from a personal blog or digital resume to social networking profiles, to job boards. The result? Unlocked potential.

What is a badge?

A badge is a way to make credit more visible. Each credit has an image that's called a badge that represents it. Together with the evidence and information about the achievement and who recognized it, a badge changes the way employers, instructors, peers and communities of shared interest spot relevant talent.

How can I sign up?

It is easy to login to Credly to claim credit you may have already earned and to start issuing credit for accomplishments you observe in your world. You can use your Facebook or LinkedIn credentials to create your Credly account, or create an account directly on Credly. Credly accounts can be opened for individuals or for an organization. Credly is Free for all users. Pro Issuer upgrades are available to meet the demands of larger-scale issuers.

Does Credly have a mobile App?

Yes! Our free, powerful and social iOS mobile app enables the earning, issuing, displaying, and sharing of credit while out in the world, on location. Get the Credly app for iPhone and iPod from the iTunes App Store.

Is there a WordPress plugin for Credly?

Yes! BadgeOS is free plugin to WordPress that allows your site's users to complete tasks, demonstrate achievement, and earn badges. And badges created and earned in BadgeOS automatically go to Credly with out-of-the-box integration of the “Open Credit” API. Learn more about the Credly integration and get the plugin at

How do I give someone credit?

Preparing credit is easy. Anyone can design, assemble and issue credit in minutes. First, decide What and Whom to acknowledge – for example, a passing grade, a new painting, attending three seminars, and for one person, a class, or attendees at your conference. Then just:

  1. Make or select a badge image – you can use one of our preloaded badge images, edit an existing image or create your own. Credly lets you choose border styles, shapes, colors, icons (we incorporate the cool Noun Project icons), font, and banners to make badge icons unique to your needs and brand. You can even upload your own image files.
  2. Add a description – name the badge, add the recipients’ name, email address, some info about the accomplishment, and a testimonial
  3. Give the credit – push the send button and your credit will be delivered to your designated recipient(s). And you can easily track if it is received and accepted.

How do I manage my credit?

Any Credly account holder can accept or receive credit, store and organize credit into categories to curate how it is displayed to others. Visit the "My Credit" area from the user menu at the top right of Credly. From the “Earned” tab, you can elect to share badges anywhere on the web—a personal blog, a social network like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Mozilla Open Badges, company intranet, or an online resume. Look for the share and embed icon for all sorts of options. You can also give anyone a direct link to your public profile page on Credly. Many people include it on their resume, LinkedIn page or in the signature of their emails.

What does it mean to “Trust” an issuer?

When you receive new credit, that credit awaits your acceptance in the “Earned Credit” Inbox. Making an issuer “Trusted” means you can automatically accept all future credit from them. Not only that, you can automatically place badges from Trust Issuers into personal categories of your choosing, and then automatically show that credit on selected social networks, your blog or virtually anywhere else.

What does it mean to be Credly “Verified”?

Digital credentials have the greatest meaning when their source is known, trusted and verified. When you see the “Verified” icon on a Credly member’s badge or profile, it means that Credly has verified that the account belongs to the person or organization indicated, and you can have the greatest degree of confidence in the veracity of their identity. The option to apply to be Verified is available to all current Pro and Pro Premium level subscribers at no additional charge. Non-Pro (“Free”) members can apply to be Verified for an annual fee. Verification is available for both Individual and Organization accounts.

Can I upload my own icon or image when creating badges?

Yes! All users can upload their own images to place in the center of a badge. Just visit the “star” icon tool in the Badge Builder and click “Upload”.

Can I upload my own badge graphic for credit I issue?

Yes, every member may upload their own custom badge graphics when setting up or editing credit.

What are the policies around billing and refunds?

Information about upgrading, downgrading and changing your account status can be found in the Credly Billing and Refund Policy.

How do I sign up my company or organization?

It is easy to open a Credly account for any organization to start issuing credit for accomplishments observed. Credly organization accounts can be opened at four levels – Free, Basic Verified, Pro and Pro Premium.

Are Credly badges OBI compliant?

Yes, Credly badges are Open Badge Infrastructure (OBI) compliant. Any Credly member can send their badges to the OBI Open Badge Backpack.

I love the icons in the Credly Badge Builder. Tell me more about them?

We love them, too. Many of the images in the Credly badge icon library come from our friends at The Noun Project. They are doing amazing work building “a global visual language that everyone can understand” and we encourage you to support their efforts. Submit your own illustrations. Attend an Iconathon. Donate using their PayPal link. Follow The Noun Project attribution guidelines that accompany each icon you use on Credly, or license the icon from The Noun Project for royalty-free use without attribution.

Is there an open API for Credly?

Absolutely! Credly was designed from the ground up to integrate easily and seamlessly with web sites and applications, allowing your brand and identity to be in the foreground when giving and receiving credit and badges. The Credly “Open Credit” API is the most robust and flexible programming interface for digital badges available, and our enterprise embed options make integrating badges into your system or site as simple as copying and pasting. We’ve made it easy for anyone to build complete badge-issuing and displaying systems using open Credly APIs. Contact us for documentation, guidance or assistance.

Tell me more about what Credly offers organizations?

An authorized rep from any organization may create an “Organization” account on Credly. Organizations may issue credit for free, or upgrade to one of the Pro Issuer plans for additional options, such as: issuing credit to very large groups; hosting many credit-eligible mobile events at one time; or hosting the “badge assertion” (the page to which an issued badge links that holds the evidence that a credit was earned) on their own web site. Organizations are eligible to be “Verified” by Credly, a sign to credit recipients and observers that the identity of the issuing organization is authentic. Credly Organization accounts can also make extensive use of the Credly Open Credit API to deeply integrate credit-giving and sharing into their own websites and workflows.

I’d like to discuss partnership or other business development opportunities.

Credly is a fast-paced, nimble, creative, rapidly growing, privately-held company. We are happy to discuss opportunities to work together. Please contact us online, write to, or call 800.841.5890.