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Billing and Refund Policy


The core Credly experience is free, and Credly members -- including all earners of credit and badges -- enjoy the service at no charge. In addition, we also offer monthly and annual subscriptions for certain services. You’re automatically charged according to the subscription-based plan you select: once a month if you selected a monthly subscription and once a year if you selected an annual subscription. You can update your billing information, change your subscription from monthly to annual billing or downgrade your account to Free at any time.

Plan and Billing Frequency Changes:

Upgrading: Getting Credit from Prior Subscription

If you choose to upgrade your account, we will credit any unused portion of your current subscription, and apply the difference towards the first payment due on your new plan. The date of your upgrade will become the new date for your billing cycle under your new plan.

Canceling or Downgrading Monthly Plans

The month-to-month plans are a pay-as-you-go service so we don’t provide refunds. You are billed every 30 days for the service. You can cancel the service at any time and you won’t be charged again, but you are responsible for any charges already incurred.

If you cancel after you are billed on the first day of your new billing cycle, no refund will be issued. For example, if you are billed on the 18th of every month and you cancel on September 24th, your account will be downgraded immediately, but we cannot refund any portion of the month for which you paid on the 18th. You might want to consider canceling closer to your billing date so you can enjoy the benefit of the full month (i.e. September 18 – October 18, in this example). You won’t be charged again after you cancel your monthly plan.

Canceling or Downgrading Annual Plans

You may cancel an annual subscription plan at any time, but we do not provide refunds for any unused portion of annual billing plans. For example, if your annual Pro subscription began on January 1st, and you cancel on October 15th of the same year, we will cancel your Pro account as of the date your cancellation request is received, you will not be billed on the subsequent January 1 for a renewal, and no refund will be provided for the period from October 15-December 31. If you downgrade your plan to another subscription-based plan at a lower level, the change to your account level and available features will take effect immediately; we will apply a credit of the unused time from your prior plan to the cost of your new plan.

Free Plans

Credly's default plan is Free. We can't issue a refund if nothing was paid, so, no refunds apply to Free subscriptions.

Changes take effect immediately

When you are upgrading, downgrading, canceling or changing your account, the changes to your account level and features take effect immediately. Keep this in mind, especially when deciding to downgrade or cancel your plan.


If you have upgraded to a plan that includes Verification, visit the Account Settings area of the site while logged in, and then look for the "Verification" menu item on the left. You can also simply visit Follow the on-screen instructions to initiate the Verification process.

Verifications are renewable annually, so if you downgrade to a free plan your verification will be valid until the anniversary of your last paid plan which included verifications. To re-establish your verified status you must purchase the “Basic” plan or another that includes Verification.


In an event any item is or becomes eligible for a refund, the refund will be issued to the method of original payment.


It may take up to a few days for Credly to process your cancellation or plan change, but all cancellations and changes will be effective as of the date that Credly receives your change request.

Policy Changes

Credly may periodically amend this policy for any reason. Please review this policy periodically. Also note that in the event there is a discrepancy between this policy and the Credly Terms of Service, the Credly Terms of Service will prevail.


If you have any billing questions or suggestions about this policy, feel free to call us Monday through Friday from 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM (Eastern time):

1-800-841-5890 (Toll-free in the US Only)
+1 212-239-2100 (International)